20 min 40 sec • HD • 2007
in English

After she bumps into a handsome customer at
a bookstore, the world of Ruth Anderson Lee,
a young, socially-challenged and naive bookclerk
is turned upside-down. Imagining her own pregnancy
following the incident, she embarks on a journey of
self-discovery — and learns to take a chance.

starring LeAnne Rumbel, Charles S. Lewis III
featuring Christabel Savalas, Moritz Bunk, Sheila Ellis, Julia Bustos,
Julian D. Roliz Silmon, Justyce T. Roliz Silmon,
Teresa Roliz Silmon, Ashley D. Roliz-Chen,        
Nicholas A. Roliz-Chen, Jay Silmon                      
written, directed & produced by Julie Chow
director of photography Jade Chen
edited by Julie Chow
production designer Julie Chow
featuring music by Antonio Cruz, I Hate This Place, and Julie Chow

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