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When Desires Collide

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01   Ballad Of The One Unknown
02   If You Love Her
03   I'm Not Supposed To Know
04   King Of My World
05   What If I
06   Pan
07   Lust
08   Maybe We're In Love
09   Bitter
10    Wandering Eye

All tracks written, produced & performed by Julie Chow.

Recorded on an AIWA Virtual Stereo/Radio/Cassette Recorder (Model No. CS-R270HR).
Converted into WAV and MP3 format by the courtesy of Peter Galassi.


All the material for When Desires Collide was written in between late 2001 and early 2002. In general, the album itself proved challenging to record. THE DREAM PROJECT had just decided to go on hiatus and eleventh-grade obligations and stress-factors were the rage.

The result was an album that at times reflected intense desperation and confusion. Most of all, it cried for an identity. If any of the DREAM PROJECT's last album had been considered dark, Desires was definitely darker.

Problems during recording sessions didn't make the record any easier to produce. Studio-time was out, due to time and money. While the archaic method of singing into a tape-recorder seemed to create almost an inane effect to the sound as a whole, it later proved to be the most effective. All seven versions of Desires were recorded via tape recorder.

Desires became an album that was simple yet elaborate. Aided with keyboard synths and simple guitar rhythms, the result was one-voice amidst an almost 80's pop feel.

Twelve individuals played muses in the writing process, but out of the original 18 songs written for the album, 10 made the final cut. After August 22, 2001, the 7 versions were sent off to their respective recipients. When The Stars Shine Bright Tonight was released roughly a year later on July 4, 2002, another 4 copies were made. The following year, another 7 copies were made when Momentarily Disreplaced was released on June 27, 2003. These copies were created from a CD version that was transcribed graciously by a previous recipient. They were included as a double-CD set with The Stars Shine Bright Tonight and a triple-CD set with Momentarily Disreplaced.

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