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      Upcoming Travels :
      Julie will be in New York City from Aug 9—16

      New Photo Shoots! (7/2011) :
      Daisy & David Liu's wedding and reception at City Hall in San Francisco, CA
        and Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Emeryville, CA
        [ PHOTO → 'Others' ]

      New Design Work (7/2011) :
      Daisy & David Liu's wedding card [ DESIGN → 'Digital' ]

      Projects :
      • editing a short doc/interview, called The Future Of Retail for May Fan
      • composing the score for Jason Ragosta's THE JOB
      • editing a music video for I Hate This Place
      • editing Charlene & Justin Yeakel's wedding video
      • learning how to drive!
      • recording demos for Nick Safko's musical Grace

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